The Oasis® Advantage

Partnering with Oasis allows your company to focus on its core business, become an employer of choice, reduce administrative costs and maintain peace of mind.

Technology Overview

Oasis pairs innovative HR solutions with easy-to-use technology to offer clients a complete solution to their HR needs. Learn more about how our technology can work for your business.

Improved Cost Efficiencies

As one of the largest PEOs, Oasis provides its clients with cost savings and efficiencies in a variety of areas.

Get Started With Oasis, a Paychex® Company

Becoming an Oasis client is easy! Our Getting Started Website provides you with real-time visibility to your onboarding status and project plan.

Electronic Onboarding Overview

The Oasis® Electronic Onboarding system allows you to onboard new employees quickly and easily – starting a positive employment relationship.

Why Use a PEO?

Is a PEO right for your business? Learn how a PEO relationship can save you money and take administrative burdens off your hands.

Employee Life Cycle Support

From recruitment to onboarding to performance management and transition, Oasis is there to support the entire employee life cycle.

Employee Benefits

Partnering with Oasis allows your business to offer Fortune-500 type benefits – improving acquisition and retention of your employee base.

Healthcare Reform Employer Impact

Are you prepared for Healthcare Reform? Mark Perlberg, Vice President, PEO discusses the key items businesses need to know.


I am a fan of their website- the payroll process is simple and easy to customize, the reports are easy to find and download.

- Suzie S. Retail Industry

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