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Offer Fortune 500-Type Employee Benefits

Small businesses usually start with big ideas, which are generally the vision of the founder or management team of the business. To turn those ideas into reality, a motivated employee base is necessary. To recruit and retain the very best employees in today’s marketplace, you must offer a competitive employee benefits package that offers affordable health insurance and a 401(k) plan at minimum. The PEO relationship with Oasis, a Paychex® Company enables you to do just that. We provide employee benefits management services customized to meet your needs.

As a comprehensive PEO, Oasis offers Large Group Medical Plans and can help you design an employee benefits package that will enable you to compete with Fortune 500 companies for the best employees while meeting your financial and business objectives. Because Oasis administers these employee benefits programs, our clients and their employees can simply relax and reap the rewards while we take care of the details.

Healthcare Reform

Now that Healthcare Reform has been signed into law, businesses are understandably asking: “What does this mean to me?” Oasis knows the answer and, more importantly, can help you comply with the various new laws and assist you in taking advantage of incentives and tax credits associated with this legislation.

The legislation has broad implications regarding the future of healthcare in the United States, and is structured with employer-based financial penalties and incentives to help ensure that the new mandates are properly implemented. The ability to turn penalties into completed administrative tasks, e.g., reporting requirements, and incentives into financial opportunities, e.g., tax credits, can make a substantial difference in a business’ ability to remain an employer of choice while ensuring the integrity of the bottom line.

Due to the complex nature of the legislation–which includes specialized government reporting, employee notification and tracking of employee hours–this will not be an easy task to accomplish for most businesses. This is especially true for small- and medium-sized businesses that do not have the manpower or infrastructure to adequately understand and fulfill the mandated requirements. Efforts to meet the substantial administrative mandates could result in less time being spent on key business activities and/or increased costs for the business.

Manage Health Insurance Costs

If you choose one of the health insurance plans offered through Oasis, not only will you enjoy the affordable health insurance rates, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that in recent years Oasis has had average annual health insurance rate increases that are substantially lower than the industry average. This industry-leading employee benefits management service enables you to better contain your health insurance costs.

Speaking of containing costs, our employee benefits plans (including our health insurance and retirement plans) pose no administration expense or administrative burden to our clients.

Key offerings in our benefits portfolio include:


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